Lighten up Carry-On Luggage with Mobile Alternatives

Not so long ago, travelers looking to escape on a spring getaway stuffed carry-on bags with books, magazines, laptops and more. Today, smart travelers can combine many of these items with one mobile device.

From the latest best seller to beloved classics, travelers can have multiple titles at their fingertips by loading eBooks to their smartphone or tablet pre-flight with Kindle for Android. The latest issues of magazine and newspapers can be downloaded for in-flight reading through apps such as NOOK or Zinio

As enticing as the plans are to leave the office behind while on vacation, some may still need to review and edit files en route, Microsoft Office Mobile allows users to work on Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations using their smartphone or tablet.

Parents can plan ahead and load a tablet with kid-friendly activities. The Coloring Book app has more than 100 images for children to color, minus the mess of markers and crayons. To enhance the coloring experience on tablets, the Crayola DigiTools mobile accessory comes with tools including a digital crayon and airbrush. Games like Uno and Scrabble can also be downloaded to devices to entertain during a long flight.

Using mobile devices to lighten the weight of carry-on bags can reduce the strains on travelers and offer savings in both dollars and convenience.