RSS Alternatives to Google Reader

News that Google plans to end service to Google Reader, the company’s popular RSS product, as of July 1 caught many by surprise. Journalists and news enthusiasts alike use the aggregation and syncing service to keep up to date with breaking news. While the announcement will leave many without their regular news reading tool, there are several other services that can take the place of Google Reader as a go-to resource.

For those who would like to use a tool very similar to Google Reader, Feedly is a free RSS reader that organizes content in a news website format, even allowing users to share directly from the story to their social media networks.

Also along the more traditional lines of RSS readers, NewsBlur is available on both desktop and mobile versions. The service has the ability to “learn” users reading habits, automatically highlighting articles that meet their news criteria.

Others may use this as an opportunity to enhance their news feed experience with services like Flipboard or Pulse. Pulling on visual, digital magazine and tile-style design, respectively, Flipboard allows users to customize and “turn” the pages of the app, reading customized-news. Pulse, on the other hand, delivers content in tiles, enlarging the image as well as pulling up the story when clicked on. Both incorporate social sharing abilities, as well as the ability to import RSS feeds.  

While Google Reader may be ending, there are plenty of alternative tools so readers aren’t left in the dark.