GoPro HERO3 Expands Mobile Video Options

“You had to be there,” how many times have you said that?  Well, with today’s mobile video technology, just about everyone has a chance to “be there” to experience the moments as they happen.

Most people don’t leave home without their smartphone, which also means they‘re also carrying a video camera. Smartphones like the DROID RAZR HD or the Windows Phone 8X capture high-quality HD camera and video.

The speed of 4G LTE technology has also opened the door to adding connectivity to nontraditional devices like the digital camera, allowing you to capture high quality footage and share it with friends through email or on social media sites straight from the camera. Plugging in cables or waiting to get home to upload is no longer needed.

As cameras become more mobile and compact, they are becoming are integral parts of many more lifestyles too. Users with an adventurous side who want to capture those extreme moments can use the GoPro HERO3 on the mountain or in the desert. Surfers, skaters, and bikers need to focus on the street or surf to tear it up on their playing field, so GoPro’s wearable and mountable design allows for a hands free experience.  Surfers and snowboarders can breathe a sigh of relief when their GoPro falls in the water or gets buried in the snow thanks to its rugged waterproof casing.

With the GoPro App, users will be able to use their smartphone to remotely control the camera and all of its features. Users can watch a live view of what the camera sees so they can easily frame their shot. For those who want to watch more radness, the app includes access to Photo and Video of the day from the GoPro Network.