A Profile of the Modern Wireless Working Woman

Meet Rachael Nagrowski, regional data director for the Georgia/Alabama region of Verizon Wireless. She leads a team of 30 focused on supporting the region’s sales channels through product training and demonstrations at work. At home, she is a wife and mother who relies on a variety of wireless tools to manage her workday and live her life outside the office.  

Rachael’s job includes regular travel. She uses the TripIt app to streamline all of her travel arrangements into one mobile spot. When on the road, she’ll use Bluetooth technology to stream music from her mobile device. Driving a diesel gasoline-powered car, she relies on apps like GasBuddy to help her find the closest station. And with a team spread across the two states, she utilizes GroupMe, an app that brings group messaging to every phone.  

Whether she’s accessing her work desktop via the Citrix Receiver or pulling up kids’ videos on YouTube for her toddler-aged son, Rachael takes her tablet “absolutely everywhere.” Her smartphone, Rachael’s other must-have device, is used to communicate via text message with her son’s school – she often receives picture messages throughout the day – as well as with her husband to plan the next day’s schedule.

Rachael is not alone. Wireless technology helps women – and men – around the country find the balance they need between work and family and reach their goals. How does it help you?