New Parents and Technology

Along with the joys of parenting comes a bundle of endless questions and fears. For new, sleep-deprived parents who are juggling feedings, appointments and major changes to their daily routine, technology can help ease adjustments of parenthood.

Apps can help keep track of records, schedules and appointments in one place. Baby Center’s My Baby Today provides customized checklists and reminders, offering weekly activities for the baby’s development. Trixie Tracker lends helpful insight into a newborn’s routine, tracking feedings, naps and medicine doses to get the baby on a daily schedule.

For deal-seeking parents, there’s Amazon Mom, a service that offers deals, discounts and free shipping to new parents. Amazon Mom offers a markdown on diapers and wipes, which can help save on the cost of baby products.

While you most certainly will use your smartphone or tablet to take pictures and videos of your new bundle, you can also use your wireless device to enjoy some downtime. Parents can download apps like Kindle for Android, which provides a way to take a breather while keeping up with the latest parenting books.

And when it is time for your new baby to get some sleep, Wi-Fi baby monitors like Dropcam HD allow parents to check in on their baby while in the other room or at work via a mobile device.

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