The Evolution of Smarter Accessories

Accessories have always enhanced products and shown off a user’s personality and style. With today’s mobile devices integrated into so many aspects of daily life, new smart accessories can do even more to enrich the lifestyles of users.

Not long ago, the coolest accessories for mobile phones were charms, cases and headphones. Then, the Bluetooth headset was introduced - one of the first smart accessories. It grew in popularity a few years later, providing a hands-free connection to devices within a short distance. Now, Bluetooth goes beyond this single function and is incorporated into fitness products, cars, TVs, computers and smart homes.

Adding a smart accessory helps users make the most of their favorite activities. For home chefs, Williams-Sonoma offers smart tools for tablets, including a Bluetooth speaker stand and screen shield, allowing users to watch cooking videos, search for recipes, and video chat. Children are using technology more and more, and smart accessories like Crayola DigiTools help turn tablets into canvases, creating an educational and imaginative experience.

Smart accessories are becoming the tools of choice for fitness enthusiasts. Fitness trackers like Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker and MotoACTV Arm Band sync daily workout data to smartphone apps, allowing users to keep a close eye on progress while also receiving encouragement from friends to reach their goals. Wi-Fi-enabled scales with corresponding apps help track, and even graph, important factors like body mass index to provide a full picture of weight trends.

Smart accessories have come a long way in expanding the functionality of devices and improving mobile users’ lives.