Mobile Technology to Help You Stay Fit

Nearly three-quarters of exercisers reported using technology devices during their workouts, according to Life Fitness’ 2012 Fitness and Technology Survey. More than half of the respondents considered themselves more successful at achieving fitness goals with the help of technology.

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time for those of us who’ve been hibernating to step outside for some springtime sports and fitness. Be it golf, marathon training, cycling or working in the yard, there are a number of smart accessories to help you achieve your spring fitness goals.

For the golf enthusiast, Zepp GolfSense is a lightweight sensor that attaches to a golf glove. It captures data from every swing and sends it via Bluetooth to the app on your mobile device. You can see a 360-degree view of your swing, along with a thorough analysis of critical swing elements and recommendations for improvement.

And, if you need to keep in touch with the office while working out, the Sony SmartWatch links with smartphones or tablets to let users perform a number of tasks through downloadable apps, such as checking email. Users can use their favorite exercise apps right from this lightweight device.

So, as warmer temperatures arrive and we start hitting the golf course, bike path or garden, it’s good to know there are many smart accessories to help along the way to help stay fit.