Syncing Accounts with Your Android Device

Android adoption is on the rise, and consumers are enjoying the simplicity Android-powered devices bring to managing multiple accounts on the go, whether for business or personal use. In the latest installment of our series answering frequently asked questions from Wireless Workshops, Ryan Sand, Verizon Wireless store manager and in-store Wireless Workshop host, explains the account synchronization process for an Android smartphone or tablet.

Question: “How do I sync my Google Account and my Android device?”

Ryan: By synchronizing accounts, you can access and back up important data, calendars and more among all of your Android-powered devices. For seasoned Android users, this process will be a breeze, but if you are a new owner, you will need a Google account before you can begin using your smartphone or tablet.

With your Google login in hand, setting up the account is a quick process; one that can easily be duplicated for other accounts, such as Gmail and Twitter. To sync your Google account on each device, do the following:

  1. Open “Settings” > Select “Accounts” or “Accounts & Sync” > Choose “Add Account.”
  2. A list of accounts that you can add will appear > Select “Google.”
  3. Then, choose add an “Existing” account, or create a “New” one.
  4. Input your Google username and password to sign into your account.
  5. Check all of the available “Data & Synchronization” options to ensure your phone completely syncs with your Google account information.
  6. Select “Finish" > “Finish Setup.” You’re done.


To sync other programs with your Android device, follow Step 1 above. Then select “Email,” “Facebook,” “Skype” or another preset option and enter your account information to link the accounts. If the account type you’re looking for use is not available, select “Other” and follow the instructions to complete the syncing process. Now, you’re ready to take your calendars, email and social networks mobile – no matter which Android device you’re using.

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