Catching the 2013 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft begins tonight, breaking up the long offseason and bringing football back into the spotlight for three days.

Throughout the entire draft, your smartphone or tablet can keep you in the know, providing a second screen for looking up stats and video of prospects while in front of the TV or acting as your go-to source for updates on the picks as they happen when you’re on the move. For example, NFL Mobile allows you to watch the 2013 NFL Draft live on your smartphone, so you can tune in to see every selection and expert analysis, while customizing which teams you track. Receive personalized alerts about the draft and follow the top stories with in-depth coverage and analysis with ESPN ScoreCenter.

Before the overall first pick is selected, prep on everything draft-related. NFL Mobile is your source for stats and video highlights of prospects. Through you can also view mock drafts predicted by experts and then comment with other followers on your reaction to the projections.

As the draft gets underway, social media sites like Twitter allow you to banter with fellow fans and rivals over the latest picks and trades as updates are provided in real-time by @NFL, the official Twitter handle of the NFL.

For the 2013 NFL Draft, keep your head in the game while on the go.