Batter Up! Apps to Keep you on the Ball this Baseball Season

Hey batter, batter, it’s baseball season again, and all across the country fans are eager to see their teams start the 2013 baseball season off right. With 162 games in the season, your smartphone can help you get ahead of the game with all the latest stats and player news.

MLB at Bat lets you experience all the action, from opening day to the World Series. The app gives scores and stats as well as video content that is searchable by player and team. If you are an MLB.TV user, you can also stream games live from your mobile device.

To impress fellow fans with your knowledge of player stats, check out the FanGraphs Baseball app. It lets you search any player in the history of major league baseball, or pull up a graph in real time that shows the probability of a team winning or losing.

With more games per season than any other sport, baseball fans encounter a lot of anxiety over the course of the six-month regular season. Track the mood of your fellow fans with the Fan Misery app, which can calculate the mood of fans in your area based on weather, team records, and even the cost of beer.

If you’re less inclined to keep tabs on scores and player at-bats, there are a slew of games to get you in the baseball spirit. Try your hand at 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013, which puts you in the game with some of this year’s top players.

No matter what part of the game you like the best, make sure to load your smartphone with all the tools necessary to keep you in the know this baseball season.