Useful Apps to Prepare for College

If you’re a high school senior, chances are you have recently received or are still anticipating some very important news - a college acceptance letter. 

While move-in date is still months away, you can get a head start on preparing for college by mastering important skills that range from the essential (time management) to the more mundane (laundry). Fortunately, one of the best tools to assist in preparation is already in the palm of your hand - a smartphone. By downloading free apps, the transition to college can be made a little easier.

In the midst of registering for classes and finding a place to live, it’s important to stay organized. Evernote helps keep track of busy schedules by letting users take notes, create to-do lists and record voice reminders. In addition to academic responsibilities, students also need to manage personal finances - especially student loans. The Mint app tracks and helps keep an eye on budgets, bank accounts and credit cards.

Pulling all-nighters is a staple of college life and as a result, there is not always time to pick up dinner. Verizon Concierge can be used to order take-out, make restaurant reservations, buy movie tickets and find the nearest dry cleaners. Speaking of late night meals, the dreaded ‘freshman 15’ can be avoided by using MyFitnessPal to help count calories.   

Finally, with smartphones playing such a vital role during freshman year, it’s paramount to keep it safe. Apps like Verizon Mobile Security protect information on a phone if it is ever lost or stolen. Verizon Backup and Sharing can also be used to access stored data in the cloud from whichever dorm or campus you find yourself in this fall.

Before you pack your bags, make sure your smartphone is set with the right tools to ease the adjustment to college life.