Earth Day 2013: Wireless Tips to Protect the Environment

Earth Day is a great reminder to give more attention to steps everyone can take to protect the environment. Fortunately, the wireless technology and devices used everyday can help everyone be a little more green.

Here are a few ways technology can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Just about everyone needs to be online for work, or just to explore, but by using a tablet instead of a PC, you can reduce energy consumption and save a few dollars on your energy bill. According to the Electric Power Research Institute, it costs $28.21 a year to run a desktop PC and only $1.36 to charge a tablet over the course of one year.

When it comes time to charging your device, consider using the sun’s energy to power your device with a solar charger such as the Panasonic Solar Charger.

And, while paying a bill is never anyone’s favorite activity, signing up for paperless billing from your utility, cable, phone and credit card companies can eliminate paper.

For those looking to go a little deeper, there are many smartphone apps that can provide additional ideas to be green.

An app that can bring simple positive change is EcoCharge, which warns smartphone users when their devices are fully charged so they can unplug to save energy. 

Wondering how big your carbon footprint is? The EcoFootprint app allows users to calculate ecological footprint and can help them find ways to cut back.

For more ideas on how to be green, check out the Go Green app, which offers practical tips on how to live in ways that are environmentally friendly.