Hospitality Industry Connects Travelers and Diners with Technology

Restaurants and hotels were among the first businesses to offer mobile-friendly websites as a way to improve the customer experience. Now, the hospitality industry is looking for new ways to reach consumers who have come to see technology as an integral part of the customer experience.

At many hotels, iPod docks and in-room Wi-Fi have replaced the business centers of yesterday. Recognizing the tech-savvy lifestyles of its younger guests, Marriott recently introduced the Moxy Hotel brand. Built with millennial travelers in mind, these modern, budget-friendly hotels have free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, USB ports in every wall socket, and the ability to check-in and check-out via mobile phone.

Wireless technology has changed the way many restaurants do business, with table top tablets being used to give customers control of their dining experiences. Customers are connected to the kitchen and bar directly from their tables, simplifying and expediting the ordering process. These new options allow diners with special dietary concerns to view menu options, check for allergies and modify their orders before sending to the kitchen. Additionally, paying is faster, as customers can swipe their credit cards and submit payments using the tablets.

To improve future visits, restaurants and hotels are also using wireless technology to gather feedback. For example, guest service solutions such as Benbria and Guestware allow companies in the hospitality industry to collect real-time feedback from their customers, enabling businesses to provide a more personalized experience during their guest’s next visit.

By going mobile, the hospitality industry is able to forge stronger customer relationships.