Apps to Make Moving Easier for Recent Grads

College graduation time is almost here and that can mean an upcoming move to begin your career is approaching. There are three concerns when adjusting to a new city: navigating unfamiliar roads, managing expenses and meeting new people. Here are a few mobile apps that will help make the transition easier.       

There is nothing worse than getting lost in a new city; especially if you have an appointment or meeting. To find your way through busy streets, VZ Navigator's simplified search allows you to speak or type your destination into the mobile device. The app also provides traffic routing alerts to make sure you’re not late.

With a new job and paycheck comes more responsibility. To help manage rent and utility bills, Billtracker monitors expenses, due dates and confirmation numbers for payments. It also provides alerts and expense history to keep you up to date on all of your finances.

Most college students already have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Both social networks can be of use when trying to connect with old friends who may have also recently moved as well as new contacts that share similar interests. LinkedIn is another social network that can put you in touch with fellow young professionals and groups of interest.

Here’s to a smooth transition from college life to the real world.