Planning a Baby Shower with Pinterest

A properly executed baby shower will leave the honorary mom-to-be feeling touched by every personal detail and guests will appreciate your thoughtful approach. There’s no shortage of planning tips and ideas out there in the expanse of social media, so where do you begin?

Look no further than your smartphone or tablet. DIY party planning really took off when Pinterest burst onto the scene in 2011. The Pinterest app that soon followed has made it even easier to find affordable party tips that leave a lasting impression. Here are a few ways Pinterest can help you plan the perfect baby shower.

Categorizing your boards will help you organize the different aspects of the party – like table settings, games and gifts – and let everyone know what you’re thinking for the party. If you’re unsure how to organize your boards, start with themes. Many baby shower themes buck the traditional pink or blue décor, instead trending toward eye-catching animal or seasonal themes. You can also scan gender-neutral themes such as baby owls, an increasingly popular choice among shower planners right now. (Thrifty tip: Plan the party theme around the nursery décor so the mother can reuse the best party decorations in the baby’s room.)  

Food is always important for a baby shower and a treats board can spark your creativity to the menu. One pinner creatively themed her shower “About to Pop,” complete with popcorn, cake pops and bottled soda. Parents often bring their little ones to showers, so make sure you scan ideas for kid-friendly treats like fruit kabobs.

The right decorations can help set the perfect mood for the baby shower, so there’s a good chance this will be one of your busiest DIY boards. One idea: create the look of dangling hydrangeas by dipping coffee filters in food coloring, gathering them at the bases and hanging them with fishing line.    

If you’re having trouble finding inspiration sometimes it helps to start with a search. Try broad terms to get the ideas flowing, such as “baby shower” or “spring baby shower.” Once you find pins that you like, narrow your search terms to find more specific pins, such as “tea party baby shower.”

If you notice that several of the pins you’ve captured originate from the same pinner, dig a bit deeper and visit their profile. You might just discover an entire theme that’s perfectly suited to your party needs.

With these simple Pinterest tips and the convenience of having it all on your smartphone or tablet, your baby shower boards will be full of fun ideas before you know it. Happy pinning!