Students Opposed to Texting and Driving Earn Visit from NFL Star QB

More than 800 students at Seattle’s Roosevelt High School have promised to resist one of the biggest temptations facing teens, the urge to text while driving. By collecting the most pledges, Roosevelt won “Save It, Seattle,” a contest among area high schools sponsored by Verizon Wireless. For their efforts, raising awareness of the dangers of texting behind the wheel, the students won a visit from NFL rookie phenom Russell Wilson.

Speaking to more than 1,000 students, Wilson acknowledged that he’s succumbedto the texting temptation in the past, but joined students in making the commitment to drive safely, without distraction. Wilson noted that there are smartphone apps available, such as Safely Go that can help. Safely Go sends an immediate text response indicating the person is driving and cannot answer.

Wilson signed autographs, posed for pictures and jogged around the gym high-fiving students, teachers and staff before presenting an autographed Seattle Seahawks jersey to the school.