Sci-Fi: From the Silver Screen to Reality

The science fiction of yesterday is quickly becoming the reality of today. Looking back at technology used by characters in sci-fi classics such as Star Wars or Star Trek, you can see similarities in many of today’s wireless solutions.

This year’s CES 2013 showcased many movie-like innovations. Products like the Kopin Golden-i, which might remind you of Geordi La Forge’s ocular wraparounds from Star Trek, are wearable computing technology that keep users’ hands free, combined with speech recognition technology. The Golden-i creates a full-sized screen image only inches from the eye and lets users access information online.

Robots are another area where sci-fi is coming to life. Much like R2D2’s ability in Star Wars to relay video messages via hologram, the VGo Robotic Telepresence enables users to remotely see, hear and move around, eliminating the issue of distance.

And the walkie-talkie-like Communicator Captain Kirk used to speak with shipmates on the Starship Enterprise seems like a precursor to a smartphone. These devices have evolved into technology that can stream mobile video, share photos and even control the temperature of a user’s house.

While smartphones can’t quite beam you up, it’s safe to say the imagination of the past has found its way into today’s reality.