Small Town in Crisis Gets Network Support (update)

UPDATE: Verizon Wireless has been enhancing network capacity to areas immediately affected by the fertilizer facility explosion in West, Texas. Crisis emergency response vehicles and charging stations have been deployed at the command post in the area. The Verizon Wireless network is up and running well to ensure undisrupted services for the first responders and local residents.

On the night of Wednesday, April 17, a fertilizer plant exploded in the town of West, Texas, about 20 miles north of Waco, leaving the small farming community in devastation. Verizon Wireless in Central Texas took immediate actions to increase network capacity in the area so that first responders, public safety officials and local residents were able to call or text without network disruptions. 

Within fewer than two hours, Verizon deployed crisis emergency response vehicles and charging stations at the command post in West. Throughout Thursday, a team of network experts remained at the command post to maintain the reliability of the Verizon network and worked side by side with approximately 1,000 community responders to assist residents in the area.