Technology in Kids' Everyday Lives

Today, many children are first exposed to technology as toddlers watching an educational video or simple game on their parent’s tablet. That experience is just their first glimpse at the technology that will play a major role in their daily lives, from education at home and school to play time and family time.

Every day new innovations come to market to expand opportunities. One example is the VGo robotic telepresence unit, a robot on wheels that can connect a sick child to his teacher and classroom via two-way video conferencing over 4G LTE. It enables the student to listen to classroom discussions, raise a hand to ask questions and “roll” down the hallways as they change classes.   

Additionally, the use of tablets as textbooks provides an economical, easy-to-carry alternative to purchasing or borrowing the necessary textbooks, while lifting the weight of a backpack of heavy books off of students' shoulders. 

Apps can simplify communication with family and act as a study tool outside the classroom. For example, the GroupMe app allows users to text with the entire family at once without having to contact each person individually, so figuring out dinner plans is easy. Educational apps like MindSnacks help students feed their brains with games and drills to aid in learning different languages, like Spanish or Chinese, and improve their vocabulary for the SATs.

As technology revolutionizes the way kids communicate, learn, work and play – we’re nurturing a tech-savvy generation who will become the innovators of tomorrow.