TV on the Go

According to Nielsen, 40 percent of people who own a smartphone or tablet watch TV on their device daily, while 85 percent watch at least once a month.

With the continued growth of mobile video viewing, resources for finding and watching your favorite shows online continue to develop. Options to stream from your mobile device to the television, or vice versa, are available, while services that bring a wide range of networks to your smartphone have expanded. 

Video streaming services offer thousands of movie titles and lets you watch as many movies as you’d like with a monthly subscription. Hulu Plus is a subscription-based service offering new and old television shows, as well as movies. Both services are available to watch on many wireless devices. Other streaming options like HBO GO and Amazon Prime provide additional selections and come with memberships to a cable provider or Amazon, respectively.

Smart accessories have further expanded viewing options while on the go. Belkin @ TV Plus allows you to watch any live or recorded program from your home television on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. And, for compatible HTC devices, HTC Media Link will stream content from a wireless device to a television, allowing you to watch your favorite mobile content on a big screen when you are at home.  

Whether watching live TV or your favorite movie, accessing content while on the go continues to get easier.