BlackBerry Z10 Making a Difference for Small Businesses

Streamlining the workflow, maximizing productivity and minimizing latency are top priorities for business owners, and having a smartphone that helps advance these priorities is key for this business segment.

Smartphone use for the business world is centered around communication with customers, suppliers and stakeholders. The recently introduced BlackBerry Z10 is a communication tool that aims to provide what businesses need: quick, seamless communication and multitasking functionality.

Business owners are constantly tracking everything from emails to social media accounts, and the task to stay up to date and quickly respond can be daunting. The BlackBerry Hub helps users quickly respond through a unified inbox for email, text messages, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), social media and more. It speeds up response time by letting users reply directly from the Hub without having to open apps separately.

Similarly, there are times in the business world when a response cannot wait. The Peek feature allows users to glance into their Hub from any app to see new messages. For example, professionals who are in the middle of BBM video conference on their Z10 can “Peek” into their inbox and preview new messages without leaving the conference. This makes it easy for users to go straight into their inbox and reply if it’s an important message or go back to what they were doing without interruption.

Accurate and efficient typing is key for professionals needing to fire off emails and replies to keep their businesses moving. The BlackBerry keyboard learns and adapts to a user’s typing style, creating personalized predictions and contextual auto-corrections.

Life has many interruptions, but smartphones built with efficiency in mind are letting small businesses users be productive without sacrifice. To get an idea of the scope of features in BlackBerry 10, check out this video.