Dude, Where's My Car?

As summertime approaches, people across the country are hitting the road to drive everywhere from their favorite theme parks and outdoor concerts to a favorite sporting event.  

However, in the rush of enthusiasm to get to their destinations, many people hop out of their cars without looking where exactly their cars are parked. What results? At the end of the day, drivers end up dragging their families up and down rows of cars, desperately clicking their remotes in the hopes the car horn will act as a beacon. Not a great way to end the day.

Thankfully, today’s technology provides tools to help end that dreaded parking lot car hunt.

Using GPS Technology, Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi can help locate a vehicle in a large outdoor parking area. In addition to keeping tabs on a car while it’s parked, this tool keeps an eye on fuel level, battery voltage and vehicle-diagnostic codes. Parents can also set up alerts to track their young driver’s car location and if the vehicle exceeds 75 mph at any time during a trip. Check the compatibility of your vehicle at connectedcar.delphi.com/fitment.

Another tool to help locate a car in a crowded parking lot is the Augmented Reality Car Finder. Drivers take a photo of their car before walking away and GPS shows them the way back. By identifying the vehicle’s street address and distance, the app uses a moving arrow as a guide. And, the Car Locator app has live radar, saves a car’s location to Evernote and maintains a live parking timer to help users avoid pesky parking tickets.

With so many options, the challenge for drivers isn’t finding their cars, it’s deciding which tool to use to make car searching a thing of the past.