Digital Archiving: Keeping Tabs on the Past

A stroll down memory lane has never been easier. With digital archiving, details of the past are now accessible through social media accounts, apps and the cloud.

Digital archiving continues to grow with the emergence of cloud computing and data storage. According to Gartner, the global public cloud market is forecasted to grow 18.5 percent this year. Consumers can use cloud storage services like Verizon Cloud to archive personal files and access them across multiples devices, including smartphones, tablets and PCs. In addition to photos, music, documents, contacts and videos, the service also backs up and syncs important data like text messages and call logs. 

Facebook’s Timeline, launched in 2011, lets users navigate their lives through months and years, even back to the day of their births. It is a digital scrapbook, reflecting major moments in users’ lives. Twitter also stores all of its users’ old tweets to allow them to look back in time at some of their first tweets. Apps like Timehop acts as digital time capsules, enabling users to see their photos and social media updates for exactly one year previous to that day. 

In this connected world, archiving our lives will continue to become even easier.