From Wall Post to Group Chat

With texting and social media, smartphone users have numerous options to help them stay connected with friends and family on the go. Now, with the emergence of group messaging apps, customers have other direct and personal option to interact.

Many mobile and social media mavens are looking for deeper interactions, focusing on conversations rather than simple status updates. Apps like GroupMe and WhatsApp provide group text messaging options across multiple smartphone platforms. This allows multiple people to stay in touch on a daily basis or easily make plans for a night out or vacation together.

Many group messaging apps go beyond just words, combining messaging with aspects of social media. MessageMe has a typical group messaging platform but also enables users to share additional forms of content, including photos, songs, videos and doodles. With Kik’s group messages, users can instantly share similar content, while Kik Cards allow games and apps to be shared and added to message streams.  

These rich, direct interactions are increasing group messaging’s popularity among teens and young adults as an alternative to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, social networking sites are continuing to innovate as well. Facebook is differentiating itself with the introduction of Facebook Home and its updated Messenger with new Chat Heads feature shares alerts of new messages with a floating picture of the sender.

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