From Apps to Applications — New Grads Use Wireless Devices to Search for Jobs

As 2013 college graduates enter the workforce, many of them will turn to their mobile devices to seek out employment opportunities. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal highlighted several companies that tailor job posts to mobile sites and apps to find and attract younger, tech-savvy employees.

A number of smartphone and tablet applications are available to make job searching easier for recent grads and others looking to advance their careers. From resume building, to searching for opportunities, to preparing for an important interview, the following apps can make the job hunt less stressful.

When it comes time to update your resume, Pocket Mobile Resume PRO can help. Enter your education and work experience, along with other essential information, to create an attractive resume. With the PRO version, you can export your finished product as a PDF, add to DropBox, print wirelessly or edit within Microsoft Word. Another option to build and store your resume is Resume Maker Pro. The app allows you to include references, skills and experience. Use the application to email your completed resume to employers or yourself. And, don’t forget to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date on the go with its free mobile app. Once your profile is created, you can search for job opportunities and network with other professionals in your field.

Once your resume is complete, turn your sights to websites and apps to help you find the perfect spot for the next stop in your career. Apps from popular job search engine websites, CareerBuilder and streamline the job hunting process and let you search, view and apply for jobs from your touchscreen. Through GPS technology, you can pinpoint openings near you and receive notifications when potential job opportunities arise.

After you’ve landed an interview for your dream job, you can practice answering common questions with the help of a virtual expert. Career Confidential LLC offers Job Interview Questions-Answers app, which provides an opportunity to record your answers to frequently asked questions then compare your responses to those provided by a job interview coach.

With your smartphone in hand, you have a multitude of tools to help you find, plan and prepare the next step in your career.