The Jetsons Got it Right

When The Jetsons became the futuristic family of the 1960s, it made us laugh and consider the possibilities. Today, we’re not quite living The Jetsons lifestyle, but we’re getting closer. In fact, by the year 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices.

In the machine-to-machine (M2M) world, the innovations are seemingly endless. For example, a tablet-controlled VGo telepresence unit wheels back and forth to keep factory workers safer in chemical plants by remotely monitoring stock and environmental equipment.

Hospitals are using SONICU’s alarm system to ensure that premature babies have the best environment to thrive. With SONICU’s help, hospitals are changing treatment methods for newborns by remotely monitoring and setting up alarms to notify hospital personnel about sound pressure, temperature, general pressure, vibration, humidity and airborne substances.

“There’s evidence that if we would treat them differently, better, in a kinder, more gentle fashion, that you can actually see changes in brain structure,” according to Dr. Kenneth Hartman, the medical director for newborn services at Deaconess-Riley NICU.

To help keep public spaces safe, Security Pros solution monitors for vagrants and vandals roaming parks after hours. Through remote monitoring on tablets and smartphones, properties are easier to maintain and keep clean.

Even our cups of espresso can be remotely monitored, measured and made for restaurants and hotels cost effectively via the innovative collaboration with Mesh Systems and commercial beverage equipment makers.

There is no better proof for the futuristic vision of M2M technology than at the Verizon Connected Technology Tour currently traveling across the country. In Indianapolis, everyone from utility CEOs, sheriffs, app developers, municipal officials, retailers, architects, home healthcare providers and lawyers came out to participate in the seminar to learn how M2M solutions can transform their businesses.

It appears the creators of The Jetsons were onto something. The cartoon family series secured its place in history and is featured in The Smithsonian Magazine.

For those forward-looking thinkers, the Connected Technology Tour across the country will continue through June. Visit the upcoming city tour list to reserve a spot.