The Samsung Galaxy Camera — "Clicks" for Small Business

Visuals can play a key role in a customer’s decision making process. Be it in a presentation, on a website or a quick Twitpic on Twitter, a compelling image grabs a person’s attention and helps a business sell its product and services.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera enables businesses to capture and tell their story quickly. With built-in 4G LTE connectivity, the user can upload and share pictures and videos directly from the camera instead having to connect it to a computer.

The instant connectivity and the ability to quickly share images and video with customers or potential customers can benefit many industries.

For example, in the construction industry, site managers can send near real-time updates of progress on a project through images to engineers and customers. Time-lapse photography can also capture the evolution of the building being constructed – or for those sites where a building needs to be leveled, the demolition and clearing.

In the restaurant business, the “Food” setting on the camera (which emphasizes the vivid color of food) can be the perfect feature to capture specials and share them on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Chefs can showcase their signature dishes and even update daily menus for specials. 

Real estate brokers can showcase their properties and conduct virtual tours with the HD video capability. Prospective buyers can inquire about a certain feature or perceived flaw in the property and get an instant image to aid in their inquiry.

For professionals who are often on the road, such as insurance adjusters, the camera can capture finely detailed images of damage to vehicles or structures and expedite repair or replacement decisions. They can then be uploaded for analysis and faster payments, closing out claims quicker.

The camera capabilities include a 16-megapixel lens sensor, advanced 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD touch screen 21x optical zoom and ability to capture 1080p video at a rapid 30 frames per second. 

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