Put Your Best "Selfie" Forward

Selfie (self-ee). n. a picture taken of a person by that person and commonly shared via social media.

The Selfie appears to be here to stay. Every day, celebrities, individuals and even pets (well, their owners) are using mobile devices to post Selfies across social networks.

With front-facing cameras on many phones, users never have to worry about getting the shot they want since these devices make it easy to see the picture as it is being taken. To create the perfect selfie, keep these tips and tricks in mind. 

Watch out for photo bombers. Don’t let anyone hijack your selfie by unexpectedly jumping in or lurking in the background of your shot. Apps like Handy Photo and TouchRetouch make it easy to remove unwanted objects in a photo, whether it is a random stranger or unexpected wildlife. That is, of course, unless an unexpected background turns a photo into an Internet sensation like sports reporter Kelly Nash’s selfie that features a close call with a baseball during batting practice.

Create the best version of your photo. If after taking the photo you decide you don’t like the picture, today’s, smartphones and apps provide editing capabilities directly on phones. By downloading apps like Facetune, users can quickly and easily remove stray hairs or blemishes to create a more flattering selfie.

The Best Face mode on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 rapidly takes five pictures in a row, so you can select the best facial expression from each person in the photo series and combine them into one picture. Similarly, the multi-photo function is also used in the device’s Eraser mode, which creates a composite of multiple images that removes any unwanted moving objects in the background.

Take your selfies in front of a landmark. Wherever you may be, give your selfie a cool background, like the Golden Gate Bridge, the ocean or even City Hall. Phones that feature wide-angle lenses on their front-facing cameras, such as the Windows Phone 8X and the DROID DNA, allow you to capture the full scenery in the background of your selfie.

Happy Selfie-ing!