Apps that Minimize Paper for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

In the mid-1970s, F.W. Lancaster envisioned a paperless office. While his prophecy has not become a reality yet, excessive paper use in the business environment is clearly on the decline.  For small and medium-sized businesses, there are many apps that help shrink the stacks of paper in the office. By scanning, storing and managing documents and other materials electronically, businesses access their documents from anywhere, improving efficiencies.

Here are a few apps to consider to improve document management.

The Handy Scanner Pro app turns a smartphone or tablet into a document scanner. By using the built-in camera to capture a document, the app creates print-ready PDF or JPEG documents. The user can then save the document and it becomes easily sharable via email with customers or associates.

Another option for digitizing documents is the Mobile Doc Scanner, which enables users to turn their Android device into a scanner to make anything from whiteboards, documents or magazines into a PDF that can be stored in the cloud, on the device or shared via email. If you come up with a great idea on the proverbial cocktail napkin or back of envelope, it can be captured with Mobile Doc Scanner.

For the busy business owner whose calendar is full of meetings with potential clients, partners or investors, the CamCard app is an ideal accessory acting as a business card reader and scanner. For example, following a networking event, users can snap a picture of collected business cards and CamCard will save and file contact information in the Card Holder or a user’s address book.  As an added benefit, users can add notes to the entry, as well as make phone calls, send text messages and emails and locate the address on a map for easy directions.

By engaging with these and other document management apps, businesses can have everything accessible on smartphones and tablets and avoid fumbling with papers.