Smart Medicine for Busy Parents

Raising children in a world where multitasking is routine can make scheduling hard on busy parents. Mix in their own medical appointments, let alone refilling their children’s prescriptions, tracking symptoms and keeping up with vaccines and scheduling can be chaotic. However, new tools and solutions are making “smart medicine” a reality for how parents, and even doctors, monitor the health of kids.

Pediatricians recommend a schedule of vaccinations for infants. The Vaccination Scheduler app helps parents remember when vaccinations are due. Parents can enter their child’s birthdate, and the app will fill in recommended vaccination dates from infancy to age 10, and send reminders to make appointments as the dates approach. The app also stores data and sets reminders for up to six kids.

Asthma affects approximately 7.1 million children in the U.S., and now a new tool uses wireless technology to help asthma sufferers better manage their symptoms. With Asthmapolis, a Bluetooth-enabled sensor is attached to an inhaler, which transmits data about how often the inhaler is used as well as information about when and where it is used. Gathering this data can help parents and medical professionals detect a pattern of what prompts an attack and how to avoid these triggers in the future.

For parents of children with who require prescription medicine to be taken at regular intervals, AdhereTech is developing a smart pill bottle that uses the same sensors utilized in touch screen technology to monitor the amount of medication in the bottle based on weight. Using this measurement, the smart pill bottle reminds a parent when it’s time to give a child their medicine and sends a message via a phone call or text to parents and doctors.

With advances in mHealth technology, busy parents receive a little help monitoring the health of their children directly from their smartphones or tablets.