Fill Your Spring Cleaning Bucket with Apps

We all have that ever-growing to-do list of things we’ve wanted to cross off all year long but never seem to have the time to tackle. From purging old clothes to sorting through that junk drawer in the kitchen, there’s likely an app to help you get a handle on your spring cleaning projects.

Start off your spring cleaning extravaganza by organizing the closets in your house. For most parents, it may feel like your kids outgrow their brand new jeans before you even get them home from the store. With the Rumgr app, you can buy and sell items with your neighbors and friends, similar to a virtual garage sale. Search for a specific item and “rummage” through what others have posted, or upload your own items so other Rumgr-ers can shop your no-longer-needed belongings to thin out your closet.

Any spring cleaning aficionado has heard of Good Housekeeping – whether an item you love touts the Good Housekeeping Seal or you lean on the magazine as a home decorating resource. Now the Good Housekeeping @Home app can provide you with an A-to-Z guide of easy solutions to many of the most difficult home issues. Learn how to remove smudges on your brand new leather couch or browse a gallery of inspirational pictures for walls of your home.

As you’re organizing your junk drawers and putting away clutter, check out the Know Your Stuff – Home Inventory appUse this app to record the important documents you keep in your home. From birth certificates to home insurance documents, this app registers everything in an online storage database so it’s accessible to you at any time from your laptop or smartphone.

Equipped with these apps on your smartphone or tablet and your arsenal of cleaning supplies, you’re ready for round of spring cleaning.