Staycation, the New Vacation

Spring has sprung, and with summer approaching, the fever to pack up and head out for a beachside or mountaintop vacation is intensifying. But, when taking an extended vacation isn’t in the cards, apps and technology can help plan the ultimate staycation, proving endless opportunities to explore and learn, all while staying put.

Spend a spring evening out in the backyard exploring stars, galaxies and constellations with The Night Sky app. Even on a cloudy night, this app will use GPS to show you what is hiding out of view. It’s a great way to turn a night of stargazing with the family into an exploration of space.

Let the fun continue into the kitchen with the kids and the Kung Fu Panda 2 Cooking app, which provides step-by-step instructions and demonstration videos to keep the entire family engaged. The healthy choice recipes on the app are just as tasty to eat as they are fun to cook.

Capture and share memories from a staycation with the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Snap pictures from your weekend full of stargazing and cooking and instantly post them from the camera to Facebook, Instagram or a blog post with 4G LTE connectivity.

This staycation will keep everyone entertained for an entire weekend without the time and expense of  traveling to a far off destination.