Keep an Eye Out When Walking Around Town

Often named one of the world’s top walking cities, New York City is a pedestrian’s dream. Since walking is proven to be conducive to better health and fitness, you’d think there aren’t many drawbacks to hitting the pavement.

The dangers associated with walking while distracted aren’t discussed very often, but it’s a very real problem. According to a study conducted from 2008 to 2011 by the NYC Langone Medical Center, 112 out of 1,400 pedestrians and cyclists admitted to Bellevue Hospital Center were using an electronic device at the time of their accidents. 

So, it’s important to think about what you can do to help avoid any issues. Whether you’re walking, running, or biking, the bottom line is that promoting safety should always be your first priority. And, a smartphone can be just as much of a safety tool as you make your way around the city. 

One of the areas to focus on is the smartphone screen. Transparent Screen does as the name suggests - makes the screen transparent, or as transparent as smartphone screens can get. The app uses your smartphone’s rear camera to provide a live feed of what’s happening in front of you, and you can adjust the opacity by tweaking the app settings.

Bluetooth technology, for many years, has helped consumers use their phones hands-free, whether walking or on the go running errands. There are a number of consumer-grade mono and stereo car headsets that enable voice calls in the car without having to take your phone out. Safely Go allow texts and calls from up to three VIP contacts and sends an automatic text reply to all other received texts. Nuance’s Dragon is an app that serves as a mobile assistant and is handy if you’re using a Bluetooth device while on the road. It’s based on Nuance’s Dragon software and its Dragon Go app and allows users to dictate texts or phone numbers, among other tasks.