4G LTE: Leading the Wireless Innovation Space

Wireless technology is responsible for some of the most exciting solutions in recent memory, and 4G LTE networks provide the foundation for the next wave of innovation. The power, speed and coverage of these networks enable everyone to seamlessly integrate wireless into their everyday lives.

Devices and solutions embedded with 4G LTE technology provide constant, reliable connectivity with incredible reach to improve the user experience. Being away from home for long periods used to create security concerns. With the range and reliability of the 4G LTE network, combined with devices such as the Belkin NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera, homeowners can check in from remote locations with 4G LTE smartphones and tablets to view real-time, HD-quality video, for peace of mind.

The Powder Springs Police Department in Georgia can help keep officers safe and better serve its citizens through 4G LTE and the access to real-time data it provides. When a supervisor receives an inquiry from the public on police activity, he simply pulls up the information on where their teams are at any time, and checks out the facts. The police brass can take advantage of the speed of 4G LTE to monitor information in near real time, ultimately leading to reduced risk for officers, improved job performance and increased process efficiency.

Fueling innovation beyond the country’s major cities makes areas like Silicon Prairie technological hotbeds. Through its LTE in Rural America program, Verizon and its partners have brought the 4G LTE network to 2.8 million people in rural communities across 14 states. More than 20 regional carriers have signed on to work with Verizon to deliver 4G LTE access to customers who can use it to create innovative solutions through always on, high-speed connectivity.

Want to see what else the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network is enabling? Take a virtual tour of Verizon’s Innovation Center here