Drawing on Mobile Experience: How a Patent Drawing Firm Streamlined their Business

Inventors are up against the clock when filing for a patent.  Essentially, the first one to the office is the “winner” and can reap the benefits of profit and fame with an invention.  That’s why it was important for ASCADEX Patent Illustrating Services, a White Plains, NY-based small business to bring their business from being PC-based to a mobile one. 

ASCADEX handles the workflow of some of the biggest patent law firms and companies in the country.  Their drawings, which help determine the patent office decisions are filed with the U.S. or an international patent entity.

Autrige Dennis, ASCADEX’s owner and senior patent illustrator envisioned that a mobile work approach for his business would be a valuable resource to clients.

“Our team of professionals is constantly on the go and critical things must run smoothly. ASCADEX is a business centered around multitasking,” said Dennis. “At any given time, we are responding to inquiries, downloading and reviewing files, responding to emails, talking to clients, making and receiving online billing and payments and doing real-time video conferencing with business partners -- all on the smartphone or tablet."

One significant element Dennis says is needed for his success is a strong, fast 4G LTE network. “I realize that a device is only as good as the network. Verizon Wireless was the one that is robust enough to handle our tasks. My customers are happy with the quick response and I have formed a bond with them as can be seen from the reviews I get online.”

Dennis has advice for small businesses who haven’t gone mobile yet. “First, research how mobile technology will help your business. Do this with your clients in mind, and try it out. You will be surprised how much benefit you will reap. Improving operations by upgrading one’s business mobile business is a way of telling the clients ‘We care about you.’”