New Ways to Explore Historic Gettysburg

Starting today through July 7, history buffs, vacationing families and even locals will flock to the Gettysburg Battlefields to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. The upcoming anniversary will likely stir up a wide mix of feelings: excitement and gratitude, sorrow and reflection. Above all, it is sure to be a memorable experience that can be enhanced through smartphone apps.

For example, the Gettysburg 150 app acts as a Gettysburg Battlefield assistant for visitors. The app helps guide any history enthusiast through the battlefields of Gettysburg, where both the Union and Confederate troops fought. It is enhanced with GPS technology so users can learn more about the events that occurred in the exact spot someone is standing.

The Civil War Trust Battle App app unlocks the rich history that Gettysburg has to offer. This GPS-enabled app includes detailed maps that show where Union and Confederate units were located on the battlefield at various key moments.

Sometimes tourists just want to explore the battlefields and surrounding area on their own. For this, visitors can turn to the Historic Gettysburg Walking Tour app. Launched by Gettysburg’s own Convention & Visitors Bureau, this free app has maps to help guide tourists through the streets of Gettysburg to locations where soldiers fought, civilians lived and President Abraham Lincoln paraded to the National Cemetery for the 1863 dedication services.

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