Leveraging Wireless Technology to Bring Recycling Into the 21st Century

Ever wonder what happens to the discarded soda can or newspaper you drop in a recycling container in a public place? The strategy for keeping our parks and other public spaces free from waste increasingly relies on technology combined with good old-fashioned manpower. 

Big Belly Solar, a Massachusetts-based company that pioneered the use of technology to make waste management easier, has deployed thousands of 21st century trash compactors in cities across the country. Incorporating sensors and working on a wireless network, Big Belly is able to offer municipalities and corporations a solution that allows them to save time and money when scheduling pick-ups and disposals and coordinating their staffs.  

Wireless networks are being used by companies like Big Belly to institute new ways to manage their businesses better. Working with Verizon’s Innovation Program, Big Belly was able to quickly integrate sensors and mobile technology into its solution, delivering access to network coverage and the ability to quickly and reliably exchange significant amounts of data.    

Click on the video to hear Matt Volpi from Big Belly explain how it all works.