Desert Jet Taps Fleet of Mobile Tech

For Denise Wilson, founder, owner, operator and pilot at Desert Jet, mobile technology flies high on the company’s business altimeter.  

The airline business is 24/7, and to keep her staff from being strictly bound to an office, Wilson utilizes a rotating schedule that allows employees to work remotely. To assist customers, employees provide quotes, arrange transportation and whatever else is needed to get to and from their planned destinations.

Desert Jet’s staff of 17 employees uses tablets, smartphones and mobile hotspots to streamline their customer service and business operations. With seven planes in the fleet, there is always activity whether it is a business or private flight. In Wilson’s words, “Time is not a commodity.”

Switching over to a mobile technology work base has improved efficiency and allowed pertinent business tasks and reports to be filed and accessed wirelessly in real-time. The airline business has many facets such as compliance, flight logs, maintenance, fuel costs and accounting, which must be monitored at all times.

In the Desert Jets’ fleet, each airplane has two tablets and thanks to a few proprietary apps, as soon as the plane lands, all of these variables are reported back to corporate. For example, if a seat in row five is loose, an alert is sent upon landing so it can be fixed before the next flight. In the past, it would have taken a few days to source a repair for an issue of this nature. The company also relies on Skype and Dropbox for visual and document communications of these and other matters.

Flight logs, which are required by Federal regulations, can now to be processed with a mobile device, eliminating paper use. And, the flight crew uses tablets for their expense reports. “We save a lot of time as pilots are gone for many days at a time and get bogged down with receipts. Now, they take a photo of the receipt, upload it and can submit their expenses quicker. Eleven members of our staff are pilots, so the time adds up,” said Wilson.