Dog Sitting Away From Home

It started with Take Your Daughter and Son to Work Day, and now many lucky dog owners across the country will bring their four-legged friends into the office on June 21 for Take Your Dog to Work Day. For the other 364 days of the year, mobile technology can help dog owners keep an eye on their pets when they can’t be home.

Many busy dog owners hire dog walkers or drop off their dogs at a daycare service during the work week. Fitbark, a new bone-shaped computer that attaches to a dog’s collar, tracks their activity throughout the day and uploads the data to the cloud. Owners can access this information on their smartphone to ensure the caregiver provides their dog with the proper amount of exercise.

For owners who want to take a peek at what their pups are up to during the day, a remote monitoring system might be a good option. Real-time video of their pets’ workday activities is streamed directly to their smartphone, using a petcam or an app such as Presence, which turns a no-longer-used iOS device into a webcam. Additionally, many daycares have their own webcams allowing owners to check in throughout the day.

Because watching their dog all day isn’t necessarily a productive use of time for dog owners, there are also mobile solutions that can warn owners if their dog wanders beyond their yard. Owners can receive text or email alerts if their dog strays outside of their designated home area with the GPS enabled Tagg pet tracker device.

While every day can’t be Take Your Dog to Work Day, mobile technology allows pet owners to keep their dogs close, even when they can’t be home.