Asset Management and Emergency Response Made Easy

In the case of emergencies, our first thoughts always turn to the safety of our loves ones. Businesses feel the same knowing that their employees and critical assets are protected and accounted for during these times. Location-based asset tracking is an option to provide peace of mind for consumers and businesses.

In the education field, eTrak will aid with faster emergency response in the event of school emergencies. To expedite response time when an incident happens, eTrak sends instant messages to teachers and other programmed recipients and allows them to pinpoint the sender’s location to enact a response.

A tracking system can also assist businesses in theft protection and recovery, providing the business owner another layer of security. In a disaster situation, businesses will use eTrak’s GPS+ hybrid tracking technology to quickly locate its high-value assets, set an immediate notification if they are lost, and relocate assets to prevent further damage.

The GPS+ solution incorporates Wi-Fi access points, Cell-ID and GPS to ensure accuracy, indoors and out, delivering the location directly to smartphones or tablets. It also contains geo-fencing capability that alerts the user if it goes beyond preset boundaries.

Once on the market, consumers and businesses will have one less thing to worry about in emergency situations.