Top Tip for Finals: Education Apps Turn Tablets into Tutors

Students all across the country see one thing standing between them and the freedom of summer: final exams. With the end of the school year in sight, both young learners and advanced scholars are turning to the high-tech capabilities and wide range of educational apps to help them ace their big tests.

Vivid touchscreens and design features make tablets ideal for taking notes, reading, and practicing interactive lessons on virtually every academic subject. With 4G LTE technology, students almost anywhere can view, absorb and better understand rich, multimedia presentations, communications and other content.

Aside from the information available via Internet search engines, there are thousands of educational apps that turn tablets into specialized private tutors whether scholars need to brush up on biology, cram for chemistry or hone their history knowledge.

For example, a language arts app for beginners like Storia offers books embedded with questions, learning activities and fun pop-up dictionary definitions while the Languages app provides quick and easy offline translation.

Pupils looking for help in math can turn to My Math Flash Cards or CardDroid Math for customized colorful flash cards with timed tests and interactive rewards. More advanced courses call for the Graphing Calculator app, which saves a student from having to buy an expensive physical calculator. It allows students to plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph, take screen shots and share the graphs via email.

When science and art finals are looming, the Frog Dissection app helps students learn about dissection tools and a frog’s anatomy and organs and the Wonders of the Universe app includes a custom 3D rendering engine, numerous videos and image content from Professor Brian Cox’s acclaimed Wonders series. Art learners can use MoMA Art Lab, which displays how modern artists use line, shape and color with examples from the Museum of Modern Art. The app’s drawing tools then let aspiring masters create, save and share their own works.

With so much information to keep track of, Evernote Peek helps budding scholars take notes, upload them to the cloud and organize them into study materials. The app then turns text, audio and image notes into study questions. Additionally, Trello offers a solution for group study by helping students create deadlines, assign tasks and collaborate in real time, sending notifications to the group when changes in materials are made.