This is Not Goodbye, It's Talk to You Later

As a recent college graduate, you may find it difficult to keep in close contact with friends as they disperse in different directions to begin their careers, head home or travel. However, in the midst of your changing lifestyle, today’s technology makes staying in touch easy to do.

With apps such as HeyTell, you and your friends can feel like kids again while you “walkie talkie” voice messages back and forth from your cubicle during lunch. Send a funny voice message or a quick ”How are you doing?” as a nice check-in with your freshman-year roommate.

When you want to connect with a larger group of people, like your sorority sisters or club sports teammates, a Google Hangout is a great option. This video group chat tool on your smartphone or tablet can accommodate up to 10 people at a time. In addition, the fun effects and messaging component makes it an easy and free option. Have a larger group? Then try the ooVoo app, which allows up to 12 people to join a group video chat.

Make an effort to always reach out on your friends’ birthdays. Sync up Facebook to your mobile calendar, set reminders, or make a memo note on your phone. When the day comes, shoot them a funny picture from their college years with well wishes to show you are still thinking about them.

Face to face conversations with your best friend from college don’t have to be few and far between once you leave campus. Make a virtual date, using Facetime or Skype with your smartphone so you can talk while watching your favorite reality TV show.

To keep friends updated, post photos to sites such as Instagram. Showing them the big events happening in your life will also help to keep you connected to them.

Fresh out of college, everyone is learning to balance their new and old lives. Making contact with an old buddy regularly can help ease the transition.