Kid-Friendly Apps for Every Parent

Parents are no strangers to multitasking, juggling everything from playing games while making dinner to helping with homework while balancing the checkbook. 

However, sometimes parents simply need to keep those little hands and minds occupied, leading them to share their tablets and smartphones with their children. Educational apps, videos and games can make those times beneficial for both and kids and parents. 

PBS television is a staple in many households with young children.  Even when away from home, streaming video from the PBS KIDS Video app allows kids to watch favorite TV shows like “Arthur,” “Curious George” and “Wild Kratts” on a mobile device.

Creativity doesn’t have to take a back seat when kids go mobile. The KidsDoodle app is designed for kids with easy-to-use painting features on a blank canvas or existing photos. It has bright colors and a dozen brushes that create a variety of effects such as glow, neon, rainbow, crayon and dots. The app supports a movie mode, which can play back the artwork like a small film. The built-in gallery stores both kids’ pictures and movies.

Teaching children to read requires patience and time. Parents can help kids practice with the help of a Dr. Seuss mobile library. Parents can download more than 30 books, such as “Green Eggs & Ham,” “The Lorax,” and “The Cat in the Hat,” which can be played or children can read to themselves. When the narrator is reading, individual words are highlighted so that a child can recognize the words by sight and words zoom up when pictures are touched.

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