Modern Technology with an Old School Twist

Certain memories from growing up stick with you: a handwritten letter to a pen pal, drawing pictures your mom proudly displays on the refrigerator, and playing pixelated computer games after school – Duck Hunter, anyone? It may seem like technology made these childhood activities things of the past, but smartphones and tablets are bringing these “old school” hobbies back into our lives.

More than 79 percent of smartphone customers use their devices for email. To return to the nostalgia of a personal letter, try the Lettrs app. Lettrs allows you to create missives that look like they have been handwritten or typed on a typewriter. The letters can be printed, mailed or uploaded for storing.

If unleashing your creativity through words isn’t enough, grab a set of digital art supplies. Drawing apps, such as Sketchbook Artist Pro for tablets or smartphones bring the fun of a coloring book or easel to you without the mess. The app features sets of sophisticated sketching and painting tools that include more than 60 professional-style brush settings, an extensive color wheel and options for a pen mode.

You can also relive family game night classics with your smartphone. The mobile game Draw Something lets you create pictures for a specific word that your opponent must then guess in order to win gold coins. Even your favorite computer and video games are making a resurgence. Today, you can still try to clear as many rows as possible in Tetris and attempt to fight off alien invaders with the Space Invaders-inspired Mobile Invaders.