Mr. Noobie: Small Business Success in Indiana

As small business choices go, some entrepreneurs successfully find a market void to fill. Patric Welch, a.k.a. Mr. Noobie, found his place by helping “non-technical people with technical things.” was born in 2006. Since then, Welch has fulfilled his dream to be a business owner, entrepreneur and specialist in his field – helping technology-challenged folks get to the next level. From workshops in local libraries to spotlights on local TV dissecting cell phone plans and service, Mr. Noobie is a hit in social media, traditional media and with regular folks. He now has 12,000 e-mail subscribers and more than 23,000 followers on Twitter.

He knew he’d made it when people started dropping his real name and calling him Mr. Noobie instead, which is now trademarked.

As a tech translator for non-techies, Mr. Noobie breaks down complex topics into common terms and helps his clients better understand services like cell phone plans and data packages. He also offers one-on-one coaching and a Club Noobie membership for additional educational materials. Welch’s blog radio show, “Tech Talk,” features interviews with other budding entrepreneurs and fledgling start-ups.

Mr. Noobie recently visited Verizon’s Connected Technology Tour and provided a full recap here.