Become a High-Tech Homebuyer

Owning a home is still a large part of the definition of the “American Dream.” More than 80 percent of Americans plan to continue to own a home for the foreseeable future or are looking to buy one within 10 years. Regardless of where you might be in the home-ownership process, your wireless devices and the apps that run on them can help simplify the home-buying, home-selling and home-owning experiences.

For first-time homebuyers and veterans alike, real estate terminology can be difficult to understand. If terms like “earnest money deposit” and “fixed rate mortgage” have you scratching your head, the Dictionary of Real Estate Terms contains thousands of searchable real estate-related definitions to help you decipher everything from conversations to documents.

You could visit two homes or 42 in the quest for your dream house. House Hunter lets you choose more than 80 different home features to rate and compare to help with your decision. You can also share ratings with real estate agents so they can find homes that match your needs best.

No matter how nice a home is, its surroundings are just as important. Apps like AroundMe display points of interest around a potential home, including restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies and more.

While scouting potential neighborhoods, popular real estate apps from Trulia, Zillow and work with your mobile devices’ GPS technology to map and display nearby home listings. Alternatively, when you see a home for sale, pull over and take a picture with HomeSnap to find detailed MLS listings, property tax records and mortgage rates. You can even contact an agent within the app to schedule a showing.

After you’ve navigated the waters of the home-buying process, turn your house into a smart home to see a great investment for many years to come.