Apps to Save Your Sanity

You know that feeling you get when you hear a song and can’t think of the name of it, or you’re absolutely certain you know how to get to an old favorite restaurant, only to find yourself impossibly lost?

Life provides an assortment of challenges, however trivial, that can drive even the most relaxed of us crazy. Luckily, our mobile devices feature apps aimed to provide the answer’s we rack our heads searching for.

Look at Shazam for instance; this app is music to users’ ears. Shazam listens to and quickly identifies songs by title and artist so you don’t have to struggle to remember lyrics to look up later. You can even use the app while in front of the TV to receive information about the program you’re watching.

The direction debate is one that never gets old, and certainly no less frustrating, whether you’re the driver or passenger. Navigation apps like VZ Navigator make for smooth sailing on the road by providing turn-by-turn directions. Speaking an address into the app or clicking an address link from a Web page will easily pull up directions as soon as you need them.

Ultimately, there are times when you simply need to pass the time for yourself or your kids. Mobile entertainment can take all forms from video to music to games. Netflix provides streaming TV shows and movies for long car rides, the premium version of Spotify allows you to create playlists for times when you don’t have service such as flying on a plane, and games like Angry Birds can keep you occupied when waiting in lines.

There’s no shortage of apps to help us cope with those “I’m losing my mind” moments. What apps help you save your sanity, let us know on twitter @VZWnews.