Rounding Out Your Social Resume

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The social resume has become a must-have for people looking to find their dream jobs. A recent study showed that one in six job seekers credit social media with helping them land their current position. Mobile plays a big role in social resumes, with employers updating job openings and job seekers update their social resumes in real time with apps from LinkedIn and Twitter.

Twitter has become an unexpectedly fruitful spot to discover new opportunities. By identifying and following contacts associated with organizations they want to join, people looking for employment can be the first to know when that company is looking to hire new talent. Many companies have Twitter handles specific to their recruiting efforts, too. Enterasys, a network-infrastructure firm, took a unique approach. It posted a position only on social media, and was only posted and accepted applications only via Twitter, with candidates using a specific hashtag to indicate their interest and to apply.

Summing up your professional experience and expertise in 140 characters can be a challenge, which is why taking control of your online presence and displaying a well-rounded social resume is key. Studies show that 37 percent of employers use social media to check out potential employees. Jobseekers can adjust the privacy settings on their social networks to steps to ensure they present a professional persona online. As employers place greater emphasis on potential employees’ social profiles, it is also vital to keep all information consistent and current across all social media networks, from Instagram to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn recently launched “The Professional Portfolio,” a feature that allows users to bring their accomplishments to life visually, through photos, videos, graphs and more. Incorporating the right keywords and specialties, keeping up-to-date with past and present positions, and diversifying recommendations are all steps to optimize a profile, increasing the chances that potential employers view their qualifications.

The social resume has changed the way job seekers and employers interact with one another. To find out more about the importance of a social resume, check out this infographic

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