Summer Safety Tips

When the last school bell rings, your kids will be homework free for the first time in months. You’ve set rules and a curfew for their own protection but that doesn’t stop the worrying. Luckily, there are several apps and accessories to help keep up with your kids this summer.

When meetings run late and you’re late getting home, check in with the NetCam Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision to make sure your children are home. Plus, it’s then simple to connect with the babysitter at home when you are out or watch your pet if the whole family is out.

Keep an eye on your child’s smartphone and social media use. MamaBear monitors their Facebook feed for signs of bullying, use of crude language, location check-ins and make sure they aren’t checking Facebook while driving. Similarly, limit your teen’s smartphone consumption with Usage Controls by placing restrictions on data, voice and messaging use and setting monthly allowances for music and app purchases. And, if you’re worried they’re texting late into the night, schedule time limits when you don’t want your teen using their phone.

Being the parent of a teen driver is enough to bring tension to the most relaxed parent. Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi transmits information about a vehicles condition, location and past trips. Monitor your teen’s car from your smartphone to troubleshoot if there is an issue. Making sure your kids have on their smartphones alleviates their urge to text while driving. The app reads messages aloud and allows users to respond verbally, all without removing their hands from the wheel. Have a frank conversation with your teen about the dangers of texting and driving and together sign the ”It Can Wait” pledge to formalize your commitment to staying focused behind the wheel.

Using these tools to boost communication and give you peace of mind will make the summer better for everyone.