Tech Takes SMB Owners Two Places at Once

SMB owners often assign themselves more roles and responsibilities than they have hours in the day. While many choose to install cameras to monitor their businesses’ operations while they can’t be present, chances are most do not have the time or resources to watch and analyze hours and hours of footage.

Smart technology has evolved to allow business owners to receive vital stats and data directly on their smartphones and tablets. The THINX camera, developed in part with the Verizon Innovation Program, analyzes footage and sends an alert via text message when a particular predefined event has occurred, whether it is a specific number of people in a certain area of a retail location or an employee who has been in an area that may not be safe for too long.

When every decision impacts the bottom line, this “fly on the wall” perspective, enables SMBs to make smarter, more informed choices that influence everything from the customer experience to the employee workforce. 

Watch the video to see Tom Thomasson of Thinx Integrated Technologies explain how this works.